Fine Life Presents: #stayhomemusicfest

Saturday April 25th & Sunday April 26th, 2020 

Facebook Live, Twitch TV, YouTube Live

Organization: NYC Health + Hospitals

Amount Raised: $2,000

Featured Musicians: Aaron Glover, Brett Benowitz, Brittany Campbell, Caren Tackett, Cedric Clinton, Chief Justice, Chris Keys, Colors, DJ Jon Mac, DJ JonPaul, DJ Kyon, DJ Merav, Doctor Lavender, DryBonez, Eva Lovelace, Fine Life, From the Concrete, Hello.Oshay, HK All Day, Juander, Kerryn Prieto, KJAllDay, Lauren Elder, Lost Dog, Maxx Gawd, Molly Malta, Nikki, Omni MC, Que Cee, Ruin Emmi, Run To Life, Sam Champagne, SANiTY, Wsabi Fox



Fine Life Presents: For the Future

A Benefit Show for the Children's Rescue Fund

Friday September 6th, 2019 

The Footlight, Queens, NY

Organization: The Children’s Rescue Fund

Amount Raised: $300

Guest Speaker: Anne Sekley

Featured Artists: SJK 171, Chantal Hughes,

Maria Taveras, Ashen Art, Kritty Kesoglides

Featured Musicians: DrybonezLost Dog, 

Extended Play, Fine Life 

Sponsor: Rock Al Garden


Fine Life Presents: Shark Show II 

A Shark Conservation Benefit Concert

Saturday July 13th, 2019

Bushwick Public House, Brooklyn NY 

Organization: Shark Research Institute 

Amount Raised: $800

Guest Speaker: Dean Fessler 

Featured Artists: SJK 171, Wayne Levin, Chantal Hughes, Maria Taveras, Kritty Kesoglides, Rogest

Featured Musicians: The Flying Machine Collective, Chris Keys, Juander & Friends, Fine Life 


Fine Life Presents: Save Our Swarm

A Bee Benefit Show

Saturday June 29th, 2019

Pianos,  New York NY

Organization: New York Bee Sanctuary


Amount Raised: $200

Featured Artists: SJK 171, Chantal Hughes,

Mary Belanger, Maria Taveras, Jio BlackWork, Kritty Kesoglides, Kelly Bloncourt 

Featured Musicians: Drybonez, Kapo, SANiTY, Fine Life


Fine Life Presents:

Open Mic, Open Heart, Open Mind II

An Open Mic Canned Cat Food Drive

Saturday April 27th, 2019

Muchmore’s, Brooklyn NY 

Organization: Animal Care Centers of NYC

Raised: 100 Cans of Cat Food

Featured Vendors: Ashen Art, Doryan Robinson,

Chief Justice Clothing

Featured Acts: Ashen Art, Will Giam, Suzie Fyodorov, 

Chris Keys, Courtney Clark, Drybonez, Lexx G,

Chief Justice, Larry J’Gypsy, Moose Jaw, Aaron A. Glover, Archduke Kong, Jacksonic, Andrés Luke, Fine Life


Fine Life Presents: Hope for the Hungry 

A Benefit Concert for St. Joe's Soup Kitchen

Saturday March 30th, 2019

The Well, Brooklyn NY

Organization: St. Joe’s Soup KitchenElpis Foundation 

Amount Raised: $800

Guest Speaker: Hiren Desai 

Featured Artists: SJK 171, Kritty Kesoglides, Elise Levin, Hiren Desai, Chantal Hughes

Featured Musicians: Juander & Friends, Drybonez,

Ancient Posse, Hello.Oshay & The Nu Sound 



Fine Life Presents:

Open Mic, Open Heart, Open Mind

An Open Mic & Food/Clothing Drive 

Friday November 16th, 2018

Muchmore’s, Brooklyn NY

Organization: The Children’s Rescue Fund 

Raised: 80 Non Perishable Items

3 Large Bags of Clothes

Guest Speaker: Anne Sekley 

Featured Artists: Ashen Art


Featured Acts: Dane Curley, Drybonez, Maxx Gawd, Ian Cruz, Art.Official, Ancient Posse, R.Legend & Matt Eclectic,

Hello.Oshay, Katie Kiyan, Will Sword, Olivia Blazas, Chop City, City the King, Em Ilia, Eron Ackerman, RuntoLife,

Aaron A. Glover, Fine Life


Fine Life Presents: "Black Cat Ball"

A Halloween Fundraiser Paw-ty

for Senior Cats & Dogs 

Friday October 26th, 2018

The Footlight, Queens NY

Organization: Rosegate Retirement Home for Senior Dogs & Cats


Amount Raised: $700 


Featured Artists: SJK 171, Ashen Art, Katalin E Csikos,

Chantal Hughes, Em Ilia, Yael Pinto, Mary Belanger, Elise Levin, Susan Nagy, Kristie Nelson, Rebecca Eden  


Featured Musicians: Hello.Oshay & The Nu Sound,

From the Concrete, Loveless, Fine Life


Fine Life Presents: Shark Show

 A Shark Conservation Benefit Concert

Friday July 13th, 2018

The Well, Brooklyn NY 

Organization: Shark Research Institute 


Amount Raised: $1,200 

Guest Speaker: Dean Fessler 

Featured Artists: SJK 171, Wayne Levin, Ashen Art, Ryan Evangelisti


Featured Musicians: New Masons, Every Flavor Weather Machine, The Flying Machine Collective, Kapo, SANiTY, Fine Life